UNGSII Sustainable Investing

More and more people are aware and concerned about mankind’s profligate use of the earth resources. As a result, many people want to invest in companies that are operating sustainably.

The interest in sustainable investing is worldwide. The United Nations has promulgated 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be implemented by 2030. Under the 17 broad topics are 169 more specific targets. Every member state of the United Nations signed on to the Sustainable Development Goals. Only North Korea and Yemen are outside these initiatives.

The Global Sustainability Index Institute (“UNGSII) was founded to create awareness and encourage implementation to help bring transparency and accountability to the Sustainable Development Goals

Through our alliance with UNGSII, PrinCap has developed an investment strategy that is designed to invest in companies that are making serious efforts to implement Sustainable Development Goals. The strategy is designed to create a universe of companies that is reviewed for compliance with standards of good citizenship relative to these goals.

That list of companies is then filtered for evidence in their regulatory filings to implement one or more of the goals, monitored of their progress since the last review date and then reviewed again for investment merit.

The goal is two-fold: to earn a reasonable return and to join other investors to demonstrate that sustainability is a widely desired corporate behavior.

This strategy is available to large institutional accounts in a separately managed account format or for Qualified Investors through a private fund. For more information on this strategy may be obtained by contacting Jason Lohe at the following email jlohe@princap.com.