Retirement Advisory Services

Our Work with Sponsors

Your 401(k) plan is a benefit to the plan participants, but is it a benefit to your company? Are your highly compensated employees able to take full advantage of the retirement savings opportunities? Is the plan attractive to potential recruits? Does it encourage loyalty and help you retain your most valued employees? If you have answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, or if you aren’t sure, we will review your plan without obligation and show you how your company can share in the benefits of your 401(k) plan.

Product knowledge and investment experience are important qualifications for anyone selecting, monitoring, and managing your 401(k) investment options. One of your fiduciary duties is to make a prudent decision about how to manage your plan’s assets. PrinCap Retirement Services assumes much of that fiduciary responsibility and liability as the plan’s investment manager. In essence, you “outsource” to PrinCap much of your fiduciary responsibility with respect to the plan’s investments. 

Our Work with Administrators

The PrinCap 401(k) AdvantageSM includes the operational experience and expertise of TD Ameritrade and Verisight. PrinCap Retirement Services has created a system that captures the same economies of scale of large plans without losing the agility and flexibility of a small asset management firm.

Ameritrade and Verisight have a combined experience of over 60 years now serving over six million clients in all aspects of the investment business. We bring them into the process early to review your current operations and ensure that your systems are compatible with theirs. They then work with your in-house administrator to take on the bulk of their responsibilities and automate processes wherever possible. PrinCap Retirement Services wants you to have the perfect plan operation: efficient, effective and invisible.

Why try to handle that alone when The PrinCap 401(k) Advantage includes those services? In this complex regulatory environment, it is only prudent to protect yourself against an unintentional error. The PrinCap 401(k) Advantage provides experienced professional handling of all plan communications and reporting.

Our Work with Participants

We believe a plan should have professional asset allocation and help the plan participants by providing training and coaching in financial and retirement planning. We believe that there are greater benefits for plan participants when the primary purpose of educational programs is to prepare employees for retirement by helping them establish a comprehensive financial plan today.

The PrinCap 401(k) Advantage includes a program designed to help people stick with a plan. It can be done, and The PrinCap 401(k) Advantage has a way to do it. We use a web-based, interactive coaching and counseling program that can be customized to meet the particular needs of each participant.