Our Approach

PrinCap Services for Private Clients

PrinCap’s approach is to listen to our clients. We find that every person, every family, has different needs, wants and goals that transcend the simple management of an investment portfolio. How your goals become a reality is the true measure of our success.

In structuring the portfolios, we take into account your needs for growth, for income and different tolerances for volatility. The portfolios consist of well-managed companies with specific competitive advantages in their market and higher-than-average demand for their products or services. As a result, we have portfolios for wealth preservation, growth with some income and also more aggressive growth. We build portfolios for each of our individual clients. If you would like to discuss our approach, please contact Joseph Cajigal at jcajigal@PrinCap.com or Hugh Fitzpatrick at hfitzpatrick@PrinCap.com

PrinCap Services for Financial Intermediaries

We are honored that a number of financial advisors use our model portfolios to manage their clients’ assets. We offer model portfolios consisting of highly researched companies with specific competitive advantages. The model portfolios offered are: Growth portfolio, Concentrated Growth portfolio (called Sector Select) and our Core portfolio. As a result, financial advisors are freed from the need to perform the detailed task of identifying promising investments and able to rely on our active management. You are freed to service your clients. For more information, please contact Hugh Fitzpatrick at hfitzpatrick@PrinCap.com

PrinCap Services for Endowments and Corporations

PrinCap offers Endowments and Corporations services in a number of different areas:

In the Endowment and Defined Benefit area, we offer portfolios designed to fill the need in your asset allocation model. The portfolio strategies offered are our Growth strategy, Concentrated Growth strategy, Core strategy and Sustainable Investing strategy. If you would like to discuss our capabilities, please contact Joseph Cajigal at jcajigal@PrinCap.com

PrinCap Retirement Services also offers assistance in the management and administration of corporate 401 (k) plans. Product knowledge and investment experience are important qualifications for anyone selecting, monitoring and managing your 401 (k) investment options. One of your fiduciary duties is to make a prudent decision about how to manage your plan’s assets. PrinCap assumes much of the sponsor’s fiduciary responsibility and liability as the plan’s investment manager. For further information, please contact Toby Pitts at tpitts@PrinCap.com

PrinCap offers access to the Sustainability portfolio supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Specifically, PrinCap was contracted by UN Global Sustainability Index Initiative (UNGSII) to manage a global fund consisting of companies eligible for the Global Sustainability Index. This portfolio may serve as an option in one’s global equity allocation. For more information, please contact Jason Lohe at jlohe@PrinCap.com