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Our Mission
Our mission is to ensure that our clients have the money needed to meet their financial requirements and goals.  We aim to provide thoughtful, reasoned financial guidance to our clients with the same level of service we would expect for ourselves.

Our Values
Achievement Begins with a Solid Foundation
In a world filled with instant experts, we believe that real success requires hard work and an in-depth understanding of the challenge at hand.  Formulaic solutions built on re-existing templates fail to take into consideration the circumstances unique to a particular situation.  A successful partnership begins with an understanding of each party’s goals and expectations. After we learn your needs, we develop an investment strategy tailored to your unique circumstances based on your specific objectives and risk tolerances.

Experienced Teams See Opportunities Where Others See Obstacles
PrinCap has assembled a team with extensive experience in the complex world of asset management and financial operations.  Our senior partners served at the highest level of international banking and leading securities markets.  We take pride in having served in the trenches as well as the command centers and bring that experience into the partnership with our clients.

Focused Dedication is Required
We receive no compensation from third parties.  We work for you exclusively.

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Princeton Office

17 Hulfish Street, Suite 220
Princeton, NJ 08542

Red Bank Office

151 Bodman Place, Suite 101
Red Bank, NJ 07701

Baltimore Office

1014 West 36th Street
Baltimore, MD 21211